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Why I Love to Travel to New Delhi city!!

November 12, 2011

New Delhi - Connaught PlaceI love being a part f this amazing capital city of India – New Delhi. I have been living in the city from past 10 years and have great traveling experiences which I would surely love to share with enthusiastic travelers. New Delhi is blessed with great  cultural background which is a combination of traditional as well as modern culture. People of the city are passionate about life. No doubt the city amazes everyone by its spirit towards life.My favorite place in the city is Connaught Place which is now officially known as ‘Rajiv Chowk’. Connaught Place or C.P. is actually a commercial and business center of Delhi, but it is one of the best place for hangouts and get-together. C.P. offers fantastic shopping experiences with clothes, books and others. You can choose variety of fashionable clothes, fashion accessories, decorative items etc. from streets vendors. An advantage that you get here is that you can bargain a lot to buy these items which actually are quite useful for a period of time. However, if you are brand conscious then you must rush towards the branded shops of clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, books which lies in the Inner & Outer circles. I have enjoyed many good movies with my friends here at Connaught Place. There are good theatres & multiplexes in the C.P. E.g. the image which you see is of ‘Regal’ theatre which is 79 years old. That means it was built in 1932 and was the first theatre of C.P. Regal too has bee through several changes and painted in white it looks attractive.

Travel to DelhiThe cars here in this image are going through the outer cirlce toward the beautiful looking ‘The Statesman Building’.You can either make an exit from the C.P. or move inwards.Nowadays traffic congestions are much seen in CP since the increase in the number of private vehicles – blame it to the economic revolution. Parking at some times may test your patience but patience is always worth while, because C.P. offers you memorable experiences. If you want to travel to C.P. in a convenient manner then ‘Delhi Metro’ is the best mode of travel. It won’t stuck in Jams, it is much faster, underground. However you might find much crowd inside the coaches but remember, you are in the 2nd most populated country of the world. So relax, you will find much space for your body and maintain your enthusiasm.


C.P. New DelhiOne interesting information which I would like to share about CP is – the design pattern followed is of Georgian Architecture. Travelers coming from Britain will find much similarity in the design & architecture of the buildings painted in white color.  The building painted in white looks attractive. I wonder white color represents purity & cleanness, so that is surely a good choice from the architectural point f view. Whenever you get tired or feel hungry while surfing in the Connaught Place, you will have to do some workout to select a bar or restaurant amongst the crowd of so many happening eating out places. So do not hurry and select the best out of the rest. Traveling fun is not limited to Connaught Place only, you can reach out to near by places like India Gate, Jantar Mantar, Gol Market, Pahadganj and Karol Bagh.


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